Guest Information

We are delighted to welcome you to Bretton Woods. Whether you are visiting as a guest of a member or attending a business, social or golf event, it is our goal to make sure your experience is consistent with the unique vision and values of our center. Bretton Woods maintains a relaxed, family atmosphere and is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive, setting for members, guests and employees.

Service quality and excellence is important at Bretton Woods. We hope your time at Bretton Woods conveys our commitment to both values by providing a memorable experience.

On Arrival

For everyone’s safety, a speed limit of 15 miles per hour is observed throughout the facility. We ask that you observe all signs and give right of way to those on foot. Parking is available in front of the clubhouse, the pool area, the tennis facility and the soccer fields. The overflow parking area is the lawn on the right of the entrance hill.

Dress Code

While Bretton Woods has no official dress policy, it is our intent to provide a generally family friendly, respectful and inclusive atmosphere for all members and guests. Casual, comfortable attire is welcome but clothing should be respectful of other members and their guests and appropriate to the event and the location.

Certain facilities at Bretton Woods may have additional restrictions on attire for safety and maintenance reasons.