2021 Golf Instruction


Bretton Woods is pleased to provide the best in golf instruction. We specialize in taking absolute beginners and developing them into on-course players in a very short time. For already established players, we offer programs that can include video analysis or launch monitor training to work towards correcting any swing flaw. If you are looking for a more social or economical instructional option, look at our golf clinic options as well as our week long boot camp and golf academy. So whether you are just getting started in this great game or you are trying to lower your handicap to a new level, we have the experience and capability to assist you in attaining your goals.

The following is a list of golf instruction options available to you:

  • Beginner Series
  • Established Player Series
  • Launch Monitor Analysis
  • Video Lessons
  • 25 min or 55 min Corrective Lessons
  • Clinics

Beginner Series

As the name implies, the main objective of this series is to take absolute beginners and turn them into players who will be comfortable and able to take what they have learned to the golf course. In this 10-Session Program students will be taught all important full swing fundamentals, each part of the short game, including player and course etiquette, as well as receiving at least two hours of on-course golf instruction. This series is a must for all those looking to learn the game! Full Member Price: $900 for 10 - 55 min sessions  |  S/A and Guest Price: $1100 for 10 sessions.

Indoor Golf 2021

Join us in the Bretton Woods Ballroom for Indoor Golf Training this January. Dive into the game with discussions on theory, course management, mental training, swing analysis, professional technical analysis, and more!




Established Player Series

This program will be specifically designed to suit the needs of the individual. At this playing level, consistent long term practice and instruction is necessary to effectively create change to achieve a desired result. Also within this five-session (55 min/session) package, players will receive a thorough evaluation of their swings that will include video analysis and a look at what equipment is currently being used. All players who want to improve in any area of the game would benefit from this program. Full Member Price: $450  |  S/A Member and Guest Price: $550

Corrective Lesson

This spur of the moment lesson will also be designed to fit the needs of the individual. All topics can be discussed from the inability to hit a straight tee shot all the way down to how to make more of your three-foot putts. This type of lesson is the absolute minimum that all players should consider to either improve or maintain their current level of play. Full Member Price: $60 (25 min), $100 (55 min) | S/A Member and Guest Price: $125 (55 min)

Spring Boot Camp & Summer Adult Camp

Twice yearly (April & August) the Professionals offer intensive 4 day golf schools to whip golfers & their games into shape. Players are grouped by ability, and attend classes on the range, short game area, putting green, and golf course. Attendees receive personalized video training and on-course situational instruction.  Camp runs from 10am-3pm with a break for lunch. Price $500


Golf Clinics

Throughout the season the Professional staff will be offering golf clinics. Each class will be conducted as a group lesson and will focus on one specific part of the game.