Counselor In Training Program

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is offered for campers who are 13-15 years old to begin to understand the responsibility of being a counselor. The CIT program is available for those participating in Day Camp or Adventure Camp. The CITs will be under the guidance of the Counselor in Training Director as well as supervised by the Junior and Senior Counselors. Since CITs are still technically campers, they will be supported in any capacity and not given a task that is inappropriate for them. At Bretton Woods, we hope to give CITs an experience that allows growth and development in themselves and their leadership skills.

Counselors in Training will aide in promoting a safe, fun, and positive camp experience for all. Most of their time at Bretton Woods Camp will be focused on working with children and helping the camp day run smoothly. The Counselor in Training Director will help them set 2 personal goals for the week to increase their self-motivation and desire to learn and be a productive member of the team.

Through this hands-on camp experience, the CITs will effectively grow in their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills with the mentor ship of camp leaders. This role will give CITs the opportunity to learn about themselves, work with other CITS, counselors, and campers as well as create and implement programs based on themes. In addition, they will bring energy and heart to camp by leading songs, becoming a reliable part of the team, and being themselves!!

Counselor in Training versus being in a Regular Camper Group

As mentioned in the above description, the CIT program is for campers 13-15. However, if a camper wants to come to camp and NOT be a CIT, that’s okay. They can be a camper without being a CIT.

If a camper becomes a CIT, but is unable to continue in this role, camp leadership has the authority to demote the CIT to a camper. A demotion would happen if they were not meeting expectations and/or their behavior was unfit for being a CIT. We will work with a CIT who is struggling to help them reach their potential and understand the importance of being a leader at camp.

 In order to be a CIT, the below questions need to be answered and an interview is required.

The new process for being a CIT

Campers need to answer the following questions and upload the document in Camp Site.

  •  Why do  you want to be a Counselor in Training?
  • What are some ways you feel you would be a good leader and a role model for camp?
  • Are you more interested in programming or being a counselor with campers? or both? Why?
  • How will you stay motivated and keep to the expectations of being a CIT?

A phone interview will be scheduled with the Day or Adventure Camp Director. Once the questions are uploaded, an interview will be scheduled. The interview will be 30 minutes maximum. If a camper registers late and comes to camp without a phone interview, a camp leadership staff will interview that potential CIT at Bretton Woods.

A training session at Bretton Woods for CITs will be held prior to the summer. The time and location are TBD, but we will announce the details on a later date. The Camp Director would like all CITs to attend, even if they are only attending one week of summer. Training will give CITs resources to be more successful in their role, ask questions, and be prepared to be the best leader they can be while at Bretton Woods. The earlier the camp director receives the camper questions the better ( even if they are a CIT for week 7), because then the camper can be involved in the training prior to the summer. 

At Camp the CIT will

  • Construct 2 goals for themselves per week and check in with the CIT director
  • Learn and practice advocating for themselves during the camp week. They can advocate if they want more responsibility, if they are overwhelmed, or any other reason.
  • Be an advocate for campers if they are having a hard time at camp or any other reason
  • Learn to be flexible and create plans B,C,D, etc
  • Create, plan, and implement camp programming
  • Assist counselor groups in behavior management and transitions
  • Participate and lead songs throughout the day
  • Act responsibly and understand how their words and actions affect others and their role

Expectations for CITs

  • Be attentive to campers
  • Be appropriate in their words and actions
  • Keep phone in back pack
  • Be enthusiastic about the themes
  • Work towards goals preset in the beginning of the week
  • Focus on safety, fun, respect, and positive energy