What to Bring to Camp
( And what not to )

The first list is what each camper needs to bring everyday at Bretton Woods Recreation Center for all camps. Please put campers’ name on everything! If an item is lost, we can find where it belongs😊

  1. Sunscreen

  2. Water bottle

  3. Towel

  4. Swimsuit

  5. Sandals/water shoes for pool

  6. Backpack to carry belongings

What should a camper NOT bring?

  • Electronics

  • Phone (stay in back pack if brought to camp)

  • Valuables

  • Pokémon Cards

Day Camp

  • Sneakers

  • Change of clothes

Adventure Camp

  • Come dressed in Active Outdoor Clothing, loose fitting/comfortable clothing. (e.g. swim trunks and a water shirt with closed-toe water shoes. Crocs and flip-flops are not appropriate, however, old tennis shoes that can get wet and muddy are appropriate)

  • Carry a Backpack with the following:

  1. Water Bottle

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Rain Gear/Jacket

  4. Towel

  • Optional Items:

  1. Change of Clothes

  2. Hat

Golf Camp

Each new golfer will need his/her own clubs and bag which can be obtained from Bretton Woods for a nominal cost. Please see one of our Golf Professionals for sizing and allow several weeks for delivery. US Kids golf program materials are included.

  • Golf clubs with a golf bag. If your child does not have golf clubs in a golf bag you may purchase them at the golf shop. Please, let us know as soon as possible so that we can order the correct size. Allow several weeks for delivery.

  • Golf shirt with collar

  • Golf Shorts or Pants with pockets (no gym or basketball)

  • Golf or tennis shoes

  • Pool bag with Swimwear

  • Focus and Energy

What your camper may not bring:

  • Electronic devices

  • Game boys

  • i Pods

  • i Pads

  • Media players, etc.

  • Toys such as soccer balls, Frisbee, etc.

  • If it’s not for golf, don’t bring it.

  • All items must be tagged with your child’s name.

Note: Parents, your child’s clothing and head wear need to be light in color as darker colors absorb heat.

Tennis Camp

  • Tennis racket

  • Tennis shoes

  • Tennis bag

  • Change of clothes

Soccer Camp

  • Cleats

  • Shin guards

** Bretton Woods is not responsible for any lost or damaged items**