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Bretton Woods Team Building is located on site in the woods of BWRC. Team Building focuses on leadership, corporate communication, and personal growth. Our offerings range from ½ day to monthly recurring events at your location, Team Building, or a combination of both. We will build, strengthen, and help change our client's corporate culture by empowering group members to work together. We achieve this by providing experiential hands-on group and shared experiences to promote a strong and organizational culture in the workplace. Whether it is a specific problem you are looking to fix, a goal you are looking to reach, or a fun outing to strengthen your team, Bretton Woods Leadership Academy has a program for you.

*Program sizes have a minimum of 8, and a maximum of 260. Larger programs are available with consultation
For more information on specific activities available, reach out to: Adventure Department at [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] to register today!


A ropes challenge course is designed to be fun and educational and is a team building activity.  It has both low and high challenges that enable participants to grow as an individual and work together as a cohesive team.  A ropes challenge course enables participants to problem solve, explore communication concepts, and cooperate with one another.  The course at Bretton Woods is operated by certified professional facilitators who train and inspire groups with their facilitation skills and enthusiasm.


Low ropes elements are on the ground or low to the ground and present ongoing, unending opportunities to learn about yourself and your team in ways that promote growth, leadership, communication and community.  The low ropes elements focus on communication and collaboration as the challenges call upon every member of the team to participate in some way. They are designed to help groups work together, become better acquainted and build trust in each other.


High ropes elements require climbing to elements that are 10 to 50 feet off the ground. These activities emphasize risk taking, trust and coaching and enable the participants to push and expand their comfort levels, realize fears, and gain self-confidence.  There are many ways for everyone in the group to help the team by holding the belay rope, giving encouragement or advice when asked.  All participants are required to wear climbing harnesses and helmets and are belayed by a Challenge Course Facilitator on the ground.


Team building activities have a positive impact on groups.  The collaborative nature of a team building challenge teaches people how to work together and share experiences.  Our activities increase trust and morale, foster better communication skills and strengthens relationships in ways that typical office or school environment cannot.  The specific goals and objectives of each group are what guides developing the group's planned activities on the course.


2-hour program for groups of 10 people and more:

 Choice of 2 low elements or 2 high elements or one of each.

4-hour program for groups of 10 people and more

Choice of 4 low elements or 3 high elements or a combination of each

6-hour program for groups of 10 people and more

Choice of 6 low elements or 5 high elements or a combination of each



Corporate programs are designed to stimulate growth, communication and cooperation in the workplace. In each activity a group will experience a range of scenarios from problem solving to physically demanding tasks such as lifting initiatives that are tailored to your groups goals and objectives. A ½ day or full day will increase morale among your group.  Corporate team building is an effective way to involve every member of your group and see lasting connections and positive change in the work place.


Educational programs are designed to strengthen and broaden the relationships that students hold by assisting them to uncover the similarities they share and the hidden talents they possess.  The student groups will be challenged to solve problems and initiatives by working together and using everyone's individual strengths.  There are also opportunities for students to expand their personal comfort zones and to take healthy risks. Ropes course programs are also an incredible opportunity for teachers to observe and identify how their students may learn best in the classroom.  

*Educational programs are structured to fit into the regular academic school day time frame and schools have a choice of either a ropes course program or an Environmental program or a custom program involving both options.


The environmental program is designed to compliment what the students are learning in school or going to cover in the classroom after the program.  Our staff are certified in Project Wet, Project Wild, and Project Learning Tree (aligned to state and national academic standards).  Additionally, our staff are certified Leave No Trace (LNT) trainers and Master trainers. Activities may include forest study, field study, creek and stream study, and can include a Leave No Trace awareness workshop.


From the location, food and activity, let Bretton Woods take care of your every need.  Who doesn't love zip lines and giant swings?  Bretton Woods can accommodate parties of 10 people and more. 


For all Team building programs, cost depends on length of time, number of participants and elements selected.