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School Pricing Ranges from $45 - $75 per student

Pricing is based on program designed

All school classes will be divided up into smaller groups to allow more active participation and involvement. The smaller groups will rotate through the selected activities that have been selected by the school. Instructions and training will be provided by our staff.

Kite Building
We teach students how to make flyable kites out of recycled materials. Using string, sticks, trash bags and tape, they will create a high-flying kite that they can use to experience hours of kite flying fun.

Wood Zip Line
Your class will be able to soar through the trees on our Zip Line in our woods. This is a highly popular and requested activity that is safely led by our experienced staff. Harnesses will be fitted and worn by each student.

Giant Swing
As children, many of us loved swinging on the swings at playgrounds. We have built a giant swing and participating in this activity builds trust and security among classmates. Students get to pull each other into the air. When ready, each participant gets to release himself / herself to experience swinging back and forth through the trees. Harnesses will be fitted and worn by each student.

Although this activity looks easy, students must entrust their classmates down below to help make it across without falling off the plank. Teammates will need to work together to help stabilize the beams as someone tries to walk back and forth across it. Harnesses will be fitted and worn by each student.

This activity is a great way to help with communication, team building, trust and encouragement. Doing this activity, students will help one another as a group to figure out a way to make it to the center of the rail. If anyone falls off, the group or the team must start over and will need to strategize and come up with another way to make it across successfully.

This is a popular activity with our school groups. On the range the students will learn how to hold their bows, load their arrows and how to properly stand and aim and shoot. We have traditional archery targets that we use for practice. The range instructors will also give clear instructions necessary to keep everyone safe.

Go Carts
Many children love using their hands to build things. In this activity they will work together to read and use a diagram. Following the diagram, each team will use nuts, bolts, and wrenches to build their Go Carts. After being built and checked by the instructors for safety, students will take turns racing the carts down the hill against the other teams.

Tree Rings
Using environmentally sourced materials, children get to create a fun toy that they can play with for hours. First, they will create and illustrate their own designs on wooden blocks. Next, they will string rope through their wooden blocks and watch their designs spin and come to life.

Ball & Cup
Using locally sourced environmental materials, students will create this amazingly fun toy / game. Once having created their toy, they can challenge classmates on how many tries they think it will take to get the ball inside the cup.

Sling Shots
Using tennis balls and giant slingshots, teams will have the chance to aim at targets that we have set up.  Practice and team strategy will improve accuracy.

Classmates will be able to create and build their own rockets out of a soda bottle and tape. Once they have created their rockets, they will come over to the launch pad and launch them into the air. Creativity and a desire to experiment and build makes this an interesting activity.

Balance Beam
Two at a time, students will walk up a ramp to the balance beam. Using ropes for balance and stabilization, the students will try to cross the beam. The beam moves and will challenge each participate. Harnesses will be fitted and worn by each student.

Think Tank
Using blocks, students must try to recreate the main picture. It gets harder the more you play with new twist and turns added to the game.

The students will get to cook a meal for themselves over a campfire. During this activity they will learn a recipe, learn how to measure ingredients, and learn how to fold the aluminum foil so that everything will stay together while their meals are cooking on the fire. Eating together around the campfire is a high light of this activity.

Valley Zip Line
Like our zip line in the woods, this zip line allows students to soar across and down into the valley. While doing this activity, participants can try to aim for and hit targets on the ground as they are soaring overhead. Harnesses will be fitted and worn by each student.

Fire Building
Your students will learn how to safely build a fire from start to finish. They will learn how to select wood, and other materials to safely start a fire, how to maintain and control the fire and how to put it out when they are finished. Fire safety is emphasized and taught in this activity.

Shelter Building
Using materials that one would find outdoors or in a backpack, students will learn how to build a simple shelter that would protect them during storms or other weather conditions. Not only will they practice and build a sturdy structure, but they will learn about other structures and how to construct them as well.

Blinds Man Walk
During this activity students will help their teammates to safely cross the field. Some of the students are blindfolded and they are helped across the field and guided by the ones who are not. On the path are flat objects and if the blindfolded participants step on one, they will have to start over again.

Toxic Waste
During this game, students will search for and pick-up materials that are bad for the environment. These things are then moved without being dropped to a central location. Once materials are collected, the class will discuss why the objects are not good for the environment and how they might be properly discarded, reused, or recycled. This is a brain storming activity that involves a hunt to discover items damaging our world and a plan to help dispose, reuse, reduce or recycle them.

Map & Compass
Students will learn how to navigate using a map and compass. After learning how to use coordinates the teams will practice these skills by following a course through the property where they will be led from one location to another.

Claws & Jaws
This activity teachers about animals and their skeletal structures and bodies. Using animal skulls and hides as well as bones, students will examine and discuss what they are observing and how they protect and are useful to the animal. They also will experience and practice throwing a boomerang. This skill will be taught to the group by our instructor.